Aaron Grijava EP Audio Samples

Project Responsibilities

Music Producer & Mixing

Tools Used

Audio Programs: Protools, Logic Pro X

Project Specs

Studio: Jingle Town Recordings
Mastered: Michael Romanouski
Sample Rate: 44.1 khz
Bit: 24
File Format: AIFF

Project Background

Aaron Grijava is an up and coming, singer/songwriter from the Bay Area, who employed me to create an EP to send to various record labels.

Project Challenges

Aaron is a vocalist who requires other accompanists. This was his first experience in a professional studio setting, requiring guidance in proper studio etiquette.

Project Solutions

Hired musicians accompanied the artist. We utilized Jingle Town Recording Studio B. I worked collaboratively with the engineer to produce clear instrumental tracks. The project was completed within two, twelve hour sessions. I then mixed the project at my studio and had it mastered at the Michael Romanouski Mastering Studio.