Anju’s Pale Blue Eyes EP Samples


Walking on Water


Anju’s Pale Blue Eyes at Jingle Town Recordings in Oakland

Project Responsibilities

Music Producer, Project Organizer

Tools Used

Audio Programs: Protools, Logic Pro X

Project Specs

Studio: Jingle Town Recordings
Mastered: Michael Romanowski Mastering
Sample Rate: 44.1 khz
Bit: 24
File Format: AIFF

Project Background

Anju’s Pale Blues Eyes is a Folk/Rock band that hails San Francisco as their home. They regularly perform at the local venues and woo their audiences with a dynamic show. Naturally, their next step was to create an album of their music so we created a 3 song EP that showcased the bands latest tracks.

Project Challenges

To properly time manage the project and to facilitate all the different roles inherent in project management, including tracking, mixing and mastering.

Project Solutions

We recorded the music at Jingle Town Recordings in Studio C. and tracked the EP within two, twelve hour sessions. Working with the engineer we selected the best tracks. Then, sent them to Michael Rosen for professional mixing. Once the band was satisfied with the mix, we mastered them at the Michael Romanouski Mastering Studio.