Christine Jovan Audio EP Samples


Project Responsibilities

Music Producer, Mixing & Mastering

Tools Used

Audio Programs: Protools, Logic Pro X

Project Specs

Studio: Jingle Town Recordings
Mastered: Justin Petersen
Sample Rate: 44.1 khz
Bit: 24
File Format: AIFF

Project Background

Christine Jovan, a talented singer/songwriter, can be found in and around the San Francisco music scene preforming her latest hits. Naturally her next step was to market her songs and asked me to produce her music.

Project Challenges

Christine, a vocalist, required accompanists to add depth to her music and this was her first experience in a professional studio environment.

Project Solutions

We used Jingle Town Recordings Studio to record her songs and added instrumentalists from around the area.  We booked two twelve hour recording sessions that I time managed. I produced the EP and co-engineered the session. The engineer and I designed the different tracking setups for the various types of instruments used. I then mixed the EP using Protools and mastered the final mixes using Logic Pro X.