Redesigned Healthy Travelers Social Media Post Graphic

Original Social Media Post Graphic

Live Post

Project Responsibilities

Graphic design, Campaign management

Tools Used

Graphics Programs: Photoshop, Fireworks
Social Media Plateform: Facebook

Project Background

The Healthy Traveler’s Summit was a conference that featured highly respected medical and travel experts. They spoke on a variety of health issues but more specific to this topic, they addressed how to ensure that your travel experience is a positive one! Oxylent was a proud sponsor of this summit. It included an interview with Lisa Lent, our founder.

Project Challenges

The marketing department ran the original post that the Healthy Traveler’s Summit had provided. We realized that the graphic used for the post had more then 20% text on it so we were unable to boost the post.

Project Solutions

We wanted to create a modern graphic with up to date fonts but the original image was compressed. I solved this problem by cutting out the image of the airplane, I found stock clouds that matched the original graphic. I then used the same colors used for the company’s brand identity but changed the font to helvetica in order to give the graphic a more up to date look and feel.