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Cover Page

First Page

Table of Contents

The A Team

Legislation Defined

Scorecard Key

Legislative Scorecard

Last Page

UFCW Western States Council Logo Redesign

After Redesign

Before Redesign

Project Responsibilities

Project Management, Graphic Design, Excel Styling & Asset Procurement

Tools Used

Graphics Programs: Indesign, Photoshop and Illustrator

Project Specs

Poster Size : 8″ x  11″
DPI: 300
Color Mode: CMYK
File Format: PDF

Project Background

UFCW Western States Council wanted to create a legislative scorecard for the years 2013 and 2014.

Project Challenges

The director of UFCW Western States Council wanted the booklet to be branded to the organization’s original brand identity. The organization provided all the copy for the project but asked me to provide the images. The organization also wanted me to stylize the excel spread sheets for the legislative score card.

Project Solutions

I wanted the booklet to have the organization’s original brand identity so I found the company’s style guide online. I redesigned the logo to the original specs and used the company’s original brand identity for the booklet’s colors. I created the cover page for the booklet featuring the image of a hand holding a branded UFWC pen and scoring the legislators.  The bottom of the cover page has the 3 most important bills passed for the UFCW workers. I wanted the booklet’s information architecture to be well organized and simple so I created a an index page. I used Myriad Pro as the booklets universal font due to its legibility. I created a section called “The UFCW-A-Team”, honoring the legislators that voted for UFCW sponsored bill 90% or more of the time. I created a “Bills Sponsored/ Endorsed by the UFCW” definition area. I styled the excel sheets for the legislative scorecard area and inserted them. The last page features the board members of the organization with their contact information.