Oxylent Magazine Print Ad

Project Responsibilities

Graphic design, Layout Design

Tools Used

Graphics Programs: Indesign, Photoshop & Illustrator

Project Specs

Poster Size : 8.5″ x  5.5″
DPI: 300
Color Mode: CMYK
File Format: PDF

Project Background

Vitalah wanted a simple magazine-print ad that communicated vitality.

Project Challenges

To get all the brand assets in the ad while still maintaining space.

Project Solutions

I wanted to brand the magazine-ad to Oxylent’s brand identity using the blue to white background gradient. I used a stock image of a happy woman with her hands open who communicated youth and vitality. I added the logo to the top right of the page so that customers would instantly know what product was being advertised. I then added the logos slogan “Award Winning Multivitamin” using Optima font. I added the 2 nutrition badges on each side of the slogan for the health conscious customer. I also added pictures of the differing flavors of the product and created a call-to-action that informs the customer where they can purchase them.