Responsive Website Development

PlayOnGame Desktop Final Product Coded Page

Project Details

SOV Interactive
Project Responsibilities
Project Manager and Front-end Web Design.
Tools Used
Atom, BitBucket and WordPress.
Coding Languages
HTML, CSS, jQuery and Bootstraps.


The primary objective of PLAY ON GAME is to persuade civic-minded parents and students to establish PLAY ON GAME clubs in their schools and communities so that every community in American can enjoy the benefits of combining serious play while enriching their communities (fundraising and raising awareness.) I was tasked with managing this project for a Ui designer that runs his own business. I worked with the Ui designer and backend programmer, mapping out and building the functionality of the website. I was responsible for building the theme in Bootstraps and integrating it into the WordPress framework. The process used for building the look and feel of the website involved using PSD hifi photoshop comps for referencing, provided by the Ui Designer and I coded the website for desktop and mobile responsiveness using the Bootstraps mobile first grid system.

Design Challenge

Making the mobile website conform to the client’s original specs.


The final interactive website took a total of three weeks to complete. We used BitBucket for version control and error reports. I was tasked with QA, cross browser testing for mobile and desktop responsiveness to insure a high quality final product.

Click Here to View Live Website and Test for Responsiveness