Oxylent Print Inserts

Prenatal Oxylent Print Insert Front & Back


Sport Oxylent Print Insert Front & Back


Project Details

Project Responsibilities
Graphic Design & Layout Design
Tools Used
Graphics Programs: Indesign, Photoshop & Illustrator
Project Specs
Poster Size : 1.33″ x  2.6″
DPI: 300
Color Mode: CMYK
File Format: JPEG

Project Background

Vitalah wanted to incentivize customers to try new product lines so marketing was tasked with creating product inserts.

Project Challenges

I wanted to create an insert that showcased the benefits of Oxylent’s latest product lines, Sport Oxylent & Prenatal Oxylent.

Project Solutions

I designed the front page of both the Sports and Prenatal Oxylent inserts with the same colors and logos so that the end user would know that this was our latest product line. I wanted the end user to know that this is a multivitamin drink so I decided to place a glass of Oxylent in the center of the layout. Additionally the Albion minerals and Non GMO badges were placed on the front page with nutritional badges. The benefits of the product were placed on the bottom edge of the front page. I added the new green product stripe to the top left hand corner of the design for the Sport Oxylent, in order to set it apart as a new product. Marketing wanted the back of the Sports Oxylent insert to feature the benefits of the product and the Prenatal insert to feature a $5 dollar-off coupon as an incentive to buy the product.