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Project Details

Project Responsibilities
Graphic design, Campaign management
Tools Used
Graphics Programs: Photoshop

Project Background

Over the years, Vitalah has forged strong relationships with athletes, resulting in their willingness to be brand ambassadors. The marketing department came up with a concept to help launch their latest product, Sports Oxylent by creating a social media campaign around the athlete’s endorsement of the product and how it made them feel.

Project Challenges

I wanted to tie the action shots in with the Sports Oxylent brand, while creating movement to show the visual effects of how Oxylent makes you feel.

Project Solutions

I decided to add a blurred effect to the layered images to create background movement. I wanted the Oxylent logo and purple background to be attached to the images focal point for branding purposes. The copy featured the athletes improved performance after drinking the multivitamin drink.