UFCW Branding and Web Production

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Favicon 96×96 PNG Image for Apple Touch

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Color Swatch


Open Sans, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif

h1: 36px,

h2: 30px

h3: 24px

h4: 18px

h5: 14px
h6: 12px

Project Responsibilities

Branding and Web Production

Tools Used

Plugins: Responsive Slider
Graphics Programs: Sketch and Photoshop

Project Details

The website’s brand must match the original company style guide colors, typography and font sizes.


To create the original brand identity.


The companies website was created using the organizations original style guide. The logo that was used on the original site was using incorrect colors and typography. I decided to recreate the logo using the organization’s original style guide featuring lighter blues and deeper yellows. The 648 logo text used a helvetica font and had to be changed to a MatrixBoldLining font. I added the companies tag line “A voice for working America”, as well as a favicon that used the logos brand identity. I chose to use silvers and blues for the animated sliders to add a 4th color to the mix.

Animated Slider Banner Development

Welcome Animated Banner

Latest News Animated Banner

MMA & UFCW 648 Partnership Animated Banner

Find your Rep Animated Banner

Project Responsibilities

Graphics, Imaging, Copy Editing and Slider Programing

Tools Used

Plugin: Responsive Slider
Graphics Programs: Photoshop, Fireworks, Illustrator

Project Details

I wanted to come up with a creative way to advertise the client’s different services on the front page of the website above the fold of the web page, so decided to create animated banners using a responsive slider. Each banner showcases custom designed graphics, a short description about the specific services offered and a service page button calls-to-action. All banners are fully animated and the Learn More! button was custom designed.