UFCW Responsive Website Redesign

After and Before Redesign Screenshots

Project Responsibilities

Responsive Front-end Web Development, UI UX Design, Branding and Animated Sliders

Tools Used

Platform: CMS
Graphics Programs: Sketch and Photoshop
Design Languages: Bootstraps, HTML5 & CSS3

Project Background

Ufcw was dissatisfied with the website’s organization and wanted a faster mobile experience.

Project Challenges

The original website was built using obsolete html and needed a mobile first framework.

Project Solutions

The website needed to have a consistent viewing experience when viewed on different hardware devices such as desktop or mobile. This was accomplished by using bootstraps grid system to create responsive webpage layouts that would scale for different devices. All media assets were created to be scalable so that the end user could navigate the website easily on different mediums.

Click Here to View Live Website and Test for Responsiveness