Workday Responsive Email Development Project

Featured Email Newsletter After Redesign Desktop Example

Workday Featured Email Newsletter After Redesign Desktop Example

Project Details

Workday Digital Marketing Team
Project Responsibilities
Responsive, Front-end, Website Development.
Tools Used
Coding Languages
HTML5, and CSS3.


I was responsible for developing Workday’s 2019 responsive email templates for US Web Production and Global Web Production Teams. I redesigned the email templates to be on brand, modular, forwardable and to feature three distinct break points for desktop, tablet and mobile viewing. I worked collaboratively with the creative team to redesign Workday’s Featured and Magnetic newsletter templates using static page layouts provided by creative. I was responsible for coding the newsletter layouts for desktop and mobile experience. I was also responsible for project managing the email templates QA process by providing soft QA using 250-OK rendering software, leading internal team QA, building Rally stories, communicating with digital marketing QA team and fixing template defects in order to see the project to completion.

Design Challenge

The most challenging design task was fixing issues such as email forwarding. When emails are forwarded to a different email, clients add random styles, which break the layout. Email Development has very limited documentation on the web because of the archaic nature of email development so I would use the process of trial and error to fix the email template layouts from breaking when forwarded.

Email Newsletter Desktop Example Before Redesign

Email Newsletter Desktop Example Before Redesign

Critical Analysis

Creative performed A/B split testing and critical analysis to make better design decisions to help improve the performance of this older Email Newsletter template.

Featured Email Newsletter Final Product

Desktop and Mobile Example


I was responsible for creating all of Workday’s 18 email templates and helped create a component library, which allowed the Web Producers to create complex email layouts with very little effort.