Workday Rising Responsive Website Development

Workday Raising Europe 2018 Final Product Desktop Example

Workday Raising Europe 2018 Final Coded Product Page Desktop Example

Project Details

Workday Digital Marketing Team
Project Responsibilities
Responsive, Front-end, Website Development.
Tools Used
Atom, Terminal and Tower.
Coding Languages
HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstraps Framework.


Every year, Workday bring its community together to share solutions to complex challenges, explore what’s possible with technology, and shape the future of business. When we partner together, there’s no limit to how far we can go. This annual event is called Workday Raising and is one of the most highly visited Workday websites. Our web production team was responsible for coding responsive web pages for the US and Workday Raising event website using static page layouts created in Zepplin by the creative team. I was responsible for creating responsive web pages using HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstraps. I worked with Digital Marketing Managers updating various content elements like images, videos, copy, logos and hero banners.

Design Challenge

The most challenging design task was placing images outside the natural HTML and CSS flow requiring relative positioning elements on the desktop experience and then turning off that unnaturally aligned experience once it hit the max-width 768 break point.


Our Web Production team was responsible for building the entire Workday Rising website. I was tasked with coding various pages for desktop and mobile responsiveness, making pages accessible for disabled users and building a better user experience.

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